On 25th of August, 2016, KTGA opens its first indoor golf school in Mita, Minato-ward!

  • We analyze your golf swing with the latest equipment, like FlightScope and BodiTrak.
  • Lessons in English are also available (Tsurumi's lessons only).
  • Now, no Admission fees are required as a part of our opening campaign.

Korki Tsurumi, the director of instruction, is the only Japanese golf professional who have received the British PGA's diploma. KTGA indoor golf school is the only place you can take Korki Tsurumi's private lessons. 1-day lessons and junior lessons are available at KTGA in Caledonian GC. KTGA will give you lessons which meet the global standards.

    We can give lessons to golfers of all level
  • New golfers
  • Golfers who wish to break 100
  • Golfers who have not played for long, and wish to start playing again
  • Golfers dissatisfied with lessons from other pros
  • Athlete golfers, and golfers who wish to be a single-digit handicap golfer
  • Golfers who try to become a pro

Our Guiding Spirits:

Promoting clear understandings toward swing mechanics, providing an interactive instruction based on pure basics, and making our students acquired solid swing techniques depending on their own skill levels.

Our Teaching Philosophy:

Our goal is to provide each of our students the better way of swinging the golfclub, which leads to a good result. Every individual has a different body type, body strength, and flexibility, so the ideal swing varies from person to person. We believe that a good understanding of the basic swing mechanics will help you to build your own ideal golf swing. It will take time and patience to learn and develop a good swing, but we promise we will go the distance to help you to achieve your goals and to have a happier golf life.

Profile of Korki Tsurumi

1994: Become a member of Royal Musselburg GC, Scotland (the first Japanese to become a member).
1999: Become an instructor at Glen Eagles Hotel Golf Academy, and a member of the British PGA.
2002: Become the first Japanese to qualify as the British PGA professional. By February of 2003, have worked with more than a thousand golfers in 4 years at Glen Eagles Academy.
2003: Returned to Japan in March. Participate to start-up and run the David Duval Golf Academy, the predecessor company of the Phoenix Golf Academy, in April. Constructed Academy's lesson programs.
2004: Start coaching Shiho Oyama, Japan's LPGA tour player.
2006: Oyama lead the money list of Japan's LPGA tour (Oyama made a record of 150 million yen a year)
2007: Become the director of the Phoenix Golf Academy, and received Japan's Golf Digest's gThe Lesson of The Year Award.h
2008: Coached Mai Arai to qualify as Japan's LPGA professional.
2010: Coached Miki Uehara to qualify as Japan's LPGA professional.
2011: Coached Daijiro Izumida to advance to the Final QT of Japan Golf Tour in his first try.
2012: Izumida won the Challenge Tour event in his second competition, and qualified as Japan's PGA professional after 5 months of his first winning.
2012: In August, start-up the Korki Tsurumi Golf Academy in Caledonian GC, Chiba. 2014: In August, Ryoma Miki, one of the first batch of students at KTGA's professional training course, qualified as Japan's PGA professional.

*Korki Tsurumi have worked with more than 21,000 golfers up to today, and, as a Japanese, he is

Interactive Lessons


We will set a fresh goal each time of the lesson, according to your achievement level or health conditions. Then we provide you a best suited program that day.

Swing Analysis

Swing Check

We use FlightScope (a launch monitor) and BodiTrak (a center balance capturing system) to analyze your swing, and detect where the problem lies. Using the latest equipment, it will become much easier to build a proper swing in less time.

Utilizing Video

Drills & Shadow swing

We often use videos to show you how your swing has changed before and after the practice. Combined with other practice aids and swing drills, a video is very helpful to improve your swing in a short period of time.

*You can rent clubs, shoes, and gloves for free.
*We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) for the payment of lesson fees.
*Use public parking lots nearby if you drive.
Mita Kokusai Building (1-4-28, Mita, Minato-ward): 300 for 30 minutes. PEN (3-28, Shiba, Minato-ward): 400 for 20 minutes.

Feel free to take a trial lesson first. You can reserve your first lesson through our website anytime 24 hours a day!


Admission feeF11,000
Free campaign!
Annual feeF22,000
Voluntary practice 45minF2,200


Admission feeF33,000
Free campaign!
Annual feeF330,000
Voluntary practice 45minF2,200


Admission feeFno charge
Annual feeF11,000
Voluntary practice 45minF2,200


Admission feeFno charge
Annual feeF5,500
Voluntary practice 45minF2,200

Tsurumi's private lesson (45min.)


  • Regular17,600 / Memberfs pair18,700
  • Univ.student12,100
  • Junior9,900 / Parent and child14,300
  • Booking
  • Coupon ticket for 3 months

    3 times(@17,050)

  • 6 times 99,000 (@16,500)
  • 9 times 143,550 (@15,950)
  • 12 times 184,800 (@15,400)
  • Booking
  • Tsurumi's 1Day on course lesson

    Member(weekend and national holidays)

    (Inc. lesson fee,9H green fee,range ball,a lunch)
  • Member's guests (WE and national holidays)55,000
  • Booking